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Baggage storage/Baggage delivery service

Enjoy sightseeing without baggage in Osaka!

Temporary baggage storage service

If you are in one of the following situtations:
・All of the coin-operated lockers are full
・My suitcase is too big to fit into the locker!
We handle the temporary storage of many items from small bags of souvenirs to large suitcases.

Point.1 Easy access!

We are a 2 minutes walk from Shin-Osaka station!
(East exit) => click here

Point.2 24/365 available!

Reception opens for 24h.
We are here whenever you need.

Points.3 Huge items are accepted!

It doesn't matter how large your items are.
※For further details, please check out the fees at the bottom of this page

Point.4 Shipping is possible!

We ship your luggage to your next accomodation!
It's convinient.

Price List (for 24hrs)

SIZE size example coin-locker at Shin-osaka station Our Price
S bag(31cm×35cm×57cm) ¥300 ¥500/2items per person
M suit case(31cm×35cm×57cm) ¥500
L suit case(60cm×35cm×60cm) ¥700
Special snowboad,roadbike,instrument,golfbag etc.. ¥700/per item

※For the luggage exceeding above-mentioned size,¥600/2items will be charged.

※For each chilled items,¥100 additional cost will be charged.

How to use the service?

STEP1: Head to Shin-osaka station⇒Welcome to Osaka Corona Hotel

If you are not staying with us, IT'S OK!
Leave your baggage and enjoy exloring the city!

STEP2: Fill out an application form at front desk

Please write your name, address and contact number on the form.

STEP3: Get your number tag-DONE!

We`ll give you a number tag. Please keep it until you come back.
※In case of loss, additional fees will be charged.

STEP4: Welcome back! Show us your tag at front desk

Please return your tag when you come back. Thank you very much!


This service is only for temporary usage.
The usage of long term period or storage for moving package are not accepted.

Baggage delivery service

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Yamato Transport Sagawa express Yu-Pack;Japan Post

The delivery service is available at front desk for both cash on delivery and normal payment. Delivery application papers are provided in the guest room.If you need delivery boxes,please contact us in advance.
※Please pack your parcel on your own

Price example

Price example Yamato

size example1:To Kyoto example2:To Tokyo
60 ¥572 ¥864
80 ¥972 ¥1,080
100 ¥1,188 ¥1,296
120 ¥1,404 ¥1,512
140 ¥1,620 ¥1,728
160 ¥1,836 ¥1,944

※This services is only available in Japan

Delivery Period

If the package is received in the morning,
it will be shipped the next day.


Delivery of your item may be delayed due to bad weather conditions.


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In the case of our negligence, all damages,loss or theft will be compensated up to 150,000 yen.

Please note that fragile items. perishable articles or damaged by itself are excluded from compensation.